Wings Of Treason
Impressed by the power And his role in the kingdom That he let himself fall to the ground Amazed by his beauty That he sinned in the throne And he got himself burned and de crowned Cuz Hell’s his foundation The hate of our nation The king of the darkness Was thrown in the fire By the God of creation Fallen angel Wings of treason The king of the darkness Was thrown in the fire By the God of creation You will bear wings of treason You will fear voice of reason
New Generation
Hey Take a look around You might think I’m crazy But that’s the way that mankind sees it There’s another world It’s one that feeds me When you find the truth you can’t conceal it We’re bringing up a new generation That will heal your open wounds And will fill your empty hearts Ya we’re bringing up a new generation  A generation of faith So Stand And keep your head up high This era will rise to the sky United and free We’ll fight till we see A new generation Stop You’ll never know the truth Until you choose to follow It’ll guide you to the peace you’re searching Every step you take The world will see it And thirst for every place you’re reaching Rise generation rise New generation arise
Long Live The King
When the world falls No answer or solution Can be changed in time Cuz there will always be the one truth My generation needs to survive the climb But doubt keeps weighing down Down goes deception Let righteousness rise I’m not afraid I’ve been brought back to life Fire away I am covered by an armour That you can’t break through Fire away Cuz I stand on solid rock Long live the King Livin’ out my passion Never stoppin’ See this path that He chose Don’t block it Grab mic so they keep it rockin’ Never let it go It can never be an option Droppin’ hits with the best of ‘em If I get tired then I know I can rest in Him Jesus made a way you don’t mess with Him This is the reason I’m here so I’m blessin’ Him It don’t matter what the world brings See me covered by the blood is enough over everything Truth every time we say  Shout it out long live the King
I praise the Lord Who reigns on high Let us rejoice in Him Exalted be the King For He defeated death To save me from my sin I lift my voice to give Him praise All I wanna sing is Hallelujah to the King Hallelujah to the Lord Hallelujah with all the angels Jesus Christ is risen From the grave came back to life For my God is alive And now I stand to give Him the glory and my praise Cuz He has made a new day Hallelujah God be praised Hallelujah
You gotta be Who you wanna be Don’t let them try to shape you Stop trying to see Who they wanna see Cuz I’m the one who made you Unmask the truth No other way to be yourself Unmask the truth No other way you can be you So follow Me into my path I’ll give you rest
So follow Me I’ll guide you home Where the light shines bright And you’ll be alright Knowing you who are So follow Me into the light Don’t try to hide What is on your mind I placed it there to show you It’s what you believe So let them deceive They don’t know I live inside you I’m the voice that lies inside you I’m the truth I’ll set you free Don’t you cover what I made Let it out don’t be afraid Don’t you cover what I made Cuz the price I already paid
Thank You
You’re the beginning and the end No other man can stand against Your great Name You gave me hope When I had Nothing left You filled my heart with Peace and love and rest Now I bow to You To say thanks For giving me everything You gave your life up for me So my sins can be forgiven You left the cross as a King And I’ll follow You forever Cuz You love me And You guide me And when the storm comes You’ll be beside me You gave Your life up for me And I thank You now You’re the lion and the lamb You sent Your Son down to save me And to give me new life They’ll never be another one like You Your love for me is unconditional I raise my hands up And lift Your name up high You are my Saviour Let Your light shine bright I raise my hands up And lift Your name up high To say thank You For giving me my life
Take No More (Remix)
I’ve come to a place of peace and restoration But with all I see I’m only losing motivation To bring me down seems to trend this generation Tell me what you want from me Tell me what you want from me What you want from me I am free, I am strong And I won’t take no more I will rise, I will roar What’s mine will not be yours Cuz I’ll fight for my right You can’t bring me to the floor I am free, I am strong And I won’t take no more Alone in this world then I’m building my foundation I won’t listen to nobody giving me direction  This is my life and I won’t take no expectation Tell me what you want from me Tell me what you want from me What you want from me I’m gonna stand for What I believe everyday No one can tell me that  I can’t breathe the air These eyes will look beyond What You want them to Cuz now I’m awake And I’m strong
The Battlefield
Here we are Together we unite We’re an army ready for a fight As darkness comes We are not alone Cuz we have faith in his name. Pre-Chorus: And there’s nothing that Could ever bring us down Today we are not afraid  Of what you’ll put in our path  Chorus: Come on We will rise in this battlefield We wont give up  Wont stand down or kneel With power we will walk and be The last one standing here In this battlefield. We come with power As the battle has been won You have been  Conquered by the one Who sent you down And burned you to the ground Now we stand up And you step down Bridge: Come on At the gates of hell we stand strong And we know that we’re not alone We’ll defeat you the battle is on
“You are the enemy, the thief that comes to steal, kill and destroy. We will submit to our king for he is with us. We will resist you and you will flee from us. You are cut to the ground. You who weakens the nations will run, yes you, who weakens the nations will run. Now I dare you to stand in my way.”
Wake Up
Filled with regret As you’re feeling dead Something’s missing You don’t know how And you don’t know when But your life came and went And the risk you never took The dream never pursued It’s not what you did But what you didn’t do. Chorus: Stand strong While your breathing Keep chasing You can’t fall if your dreaming Keep facing  Your fear Desire no other way to live Move on Start believing Keep tracing Better is pain Pain to success Than the pain of failure You’re not afraid of death But on your last breath Did you feel contentment Cuz doubt is the enemy And you’ve got to break it So stand out, and start living now Stop sinking And stop giving up You’re not sinking Fight your fear and don’t fall back Bridge: So wake up Every mountain must be climbed to reach the top Every bird must take off and spread their wings to reach the sky
A wall A dead end It’s all that I got on my own No one together I seem to be lost all alone Every step I take gets harder Than the one before I don’t know how I don’t know when I ever got of course but I will keep on searching till the end And I’m not turning back Chorus: Im running to you My life is a maze but  I’m running to you This labyrinth has one way I’m running to you I can’t see the light It don’t matter the path You called me, I’m running to you. A stop A crossing I don’t know which way to go Im lost Im angry  I need motivation to flow I’m praying for my choices And where everything went wrong I took the easy road and now I’m so far from my home but Bridge: This labyrinth can’t stop me Only slow me down Im fighting my sorrow Not turning around Keep pushing cuz time’s running out
I heard a voice I felt a gentle push I looked around but there was no one The loudest silence Was telling me the truth But hesitation pulled me Pre-Chorus: Now it’s to late And I regret I wont forget what I feel now Chorus: I’ll stand up and go Head up the mountains running Go I hear the winds are calling now I wont wait, not another day, not another minute Go Before it’s too late This feeling haunts me It’s tearing me apart I don’t know what will be the outcome The seconds passing It seems better to hold back But I cant have back  The time I’ve wasted Bridge: There’s always something there to pull me back It’s always stronger than the push I got But I’ll stand up and go Im not going home Im following the path.
I never doubt If I ever shout He hears me And holds me If I’m burning out The weapon I hold Is more than you know It brings me hope When I need it the most Pre-Chorus: Some have armour and weapons to fight But I got mine I’ll be alright Some could search for a shelter to hide Chorus: But my saviour will save me today I’m not alone He’ll never go No hero could save me the same If I’m falling down He’s reaching out No hero could save me the same My saviour will save me today He’s watching me close He always knows Like a cloud that follows Wherever I go And when I’m in needHe’s there for me

My saviour comes down And he sets me free

King & Crown
Im lost Im lost in this place It’s hard to escape when Im tied Im tied to the ground And there’s no way out Break these chains They’re weighing me down  Im screaming so loud Can’t be heard I’ve done my wrong Im sinking but I wont give up Chorus: Get out I wont let you bring me down My shield is the one who casts out No tears will be shed No blood will be bled Under this king and crown I’ve seen I’ve seen the dark And I want apart from this path This path in the black I’m under attack Free me now From the demons in me They wont let me be who I am But I’m restoring my name Reviving my strength right now Bridge: I won’t let these voices Take me to dark places again

I’ll stand up and take back The things that took me to that life.

When the sun goes down You think that you are gonna rise I know your games you won’t win In the darkest night  You can try to tell me That I’ll have a better life But I won’t  listen I won’t follow Cuz you can’t ignite Too many voices haunting me That I just can’t ignore But I won’t listen Cuz I know thatYou try to destroy And when you push me to the edge And try to take my life You won’t win this fight Chorus: Cuz now I know that you’re a liar You try to throw me in the fire But now I’m getting sick and tired And now I tell you to step down, Back down, you won’t go higher You run around through broken homes, Through falling tears Starting fires, killing souls Filling them with fear You can try to pull me in Try to bring me near I’m not moving I’m not running Cuz my king is here Throwing temptations in my way Everywhere I go You put my finger on the trigger Try to make me pull And when you push me to the edge And try to take my life You won’t win this fight
Christian Rock Heroes
Get up, get up I play it loud and let it out Get up, get up I hear it on the radio I remember a time when I was young Music around me would fill the air and Fill my lungs I’d hear a band on stage just play my song And I’d be jumping and rockin’ All night long I wanna sing some songs of freedom I wanna hear the people sing em’ Pre-Chorus: Cuz I never thought It would ever be this hard to go far And have the people come to see you at the show Chorus: That’s where I wanna be It’s all I wanna see To stand on stage and sing to him And people sing with me Cuz I just wanna rock  And never have to stop Hit the road and reach the top Cuz that’s just like the songs Of the Christian rock heroes I used to think that I would have it all A bus, a tour and some real fans But now I know the truth behind it all Only my faith to keep me moving on Cuz I wanna be Just what I dream So help me please “OMG, I just love all these Christian rock bands, like Skillet, TFK, oh my gosh Family Force 5. What about All Above Me? Who?”
Red Light
She never thought that she could never trust But when they pulled her, sold her She saw the devil right in front of her eyes And another one has fallen They find more value when its in the youth  They leave them lifeless, hopeless They’re getting younger as we watch them go And another has fallen Chorus: No when will there be a stop sign No when will will we see a red light We stand back and blame It’ll be the same  Unite so we can bring the end She never even tried to put a fight She felt stranded, worthless She never even chose to live of this life And another went missing 30 seconds a new human falls And they’re hunted victims Their souls are stolen and they’re ripped out as slaves  And another one went missing Bridge: Im not giving up I wont stand back I wont be frightened Im not giving up Cuz I will fight  I wont be silent 
Sing to You
Jesus take my hand, Let me feel your presence near Now I give everything to you Cuz you gave everything to me My God, your power’s greater than the power of any man Your name is higher than any other name Chorus: Thats why I sing to you Lord You’re the only one that’s worthy I sing to you Lord You’re my passion and my strength As I lift your name on high You show me the way I sing to you Lord Father let me feel you That is all my heart desires I raise my hands to worship I lift my voice and give you praise Bridge: Hallelujah to my king
Yesterday is gone forever But memories are here to give me hope I used to be so weak and restless But now I feel renewed and filled with joy Pre-Chorus: I didn’t think that anything could fill my life Until the day you came and made me feel alive Chorus: Yesterday is far away and faded I am born again Im filled inside the weight’s been lifted Yesterday all my sins they were forgiven Yesterday I was a different man Today I stand and feel empowered And everyday is like Im someone new You keep in your arms my father And I jus wanna spend each day with you I am free I’ve been set free

All Above Me

Based out of Calgary, AB, All Above Me is a band with one purpose – To glorify the name of Jesus Christ. The band started in the Spring of 2014 by guitarists, song-writer and singer Guiller Contreras. Guiller grew up playing in punk, pop, rock and metal bands – genres that have blended to form the band’s distinctive, edgy sound.

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All Above Me is a ministry that encourages youth and young adults to turn to Christ. The band consists of 3 normal people who have experienced the same normal issues as everyone else, and they are now using their musical talents to share their message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ.

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